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       Fat transfer is an increasingly popular procedure by which fat cells are harvested during liposuction, then the fat is processed and injected into various areas of the body to increase fullness, restore a more youthful appearance, and to correct contour defects caused by loss of the fatty tissue beneath the skin. As a result, fat injection takes a bit longer to do than regular liposuction. Fat can be injected into many areas of the body, including the face, torso, legs and buttocks. Fat injected into the buttocks is commonly referred to as a "Brazilian Butt Lift", even though the buttocks is really not lifted, but simply made larger.

1.  Fat transfer works best for patient with adequate amounts of fat beneath the skin that can be harvested via liposuction. In general, not all of the fat that is injected will survive, so the surgeon tries to inject an extra amount of fat to compensate for the downsizing during healing.

2. The amount of fat that ultimately survives after injection is quite variable between individuals. Some patients may need to repeat the procedure to get the desired look.

3. Patients need to maintain their body weight after lipoinjection: if they diet and reduce weight, more of the injected fat will disappear.

4. The best results occur from areas of the body that have not undergone prior liposuction or other major surgical procedures: "virgin" fat is usually the most viable as a graft for injection.

5. Fat tissue is delicate! It takes several weeks for the grafted fat to "take". Patients need to avoid putting undo stress on the recipient areas: that means avoiding overly tight garments and avoiding sitting on hard surfaces after the Brazilian Butt Lift. As always, smoking is detrimental to the healing process and needs to be avoided to minimize graft loss.

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The Ins and Outs of Fat Transfer
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